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Burst Pipe? We Can Help

A burst pipe can be a nightmare to deal with. The potential for water damage in your home is immense. Your home can flood. The flow rate of water depends on the size of the pipe and water pressure. Clean Drains operate throughout Australia. Our team of experts is on hand to help you deal with a burst pipe.

We will expertly diagnose the problem and efficiently mend or replace your burst pipes, Flexi pipes, or taps. Clean Drains plumbers have special tools and equipment to inspect your pipes and taps and find the specific reason that they have burst.

Signs You Have a Burst Pipe

If water is suddenly flowing out of an area under your kitchen sink, in your bathroom, or leaking down a ceiling you may have a burst pipe. Water under pressure will seek the path of least resistance and flow out from any area that it can – weak seals, small cracks, or seep through the plaster.

Water can come up through the ground too.

  • Can you see water seeping or leaking?
  • Can you hear running water?
  • Are your pipes noisy?
  • A bad water hammer can indicate a change in water pressure
  • Is your water a brown, rusty color?
  • Is there a bad, rotten egg smell?
  • Is there a change in the water pressure in your taps?
  • Can you see dampness on your walls?
  • Have you developed mildew or mould on the walls?
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Clean Drains

Call Clean Drains today for all your home plumbing maintenance needs. Our team of experts is on standby to help you fix a burst pipe or locate one on your property.

Contact us for any queries or concerns that you may have about your home’s plumbing.

Burst Sink Tap or Flexi Pipe


Weak or damaged joins can cause your tap to burst. Water (Under pressure) will come shooting out of it. Clean Drains will inspect your tap and pipes to see what the exact problem is.

A Flexi pipe can also burst. This normally happens when the outside braided material weakens and allows the rubber tubing to expand. Chemicals in the water supply can also affect the rubber and weaken it.

Burst Pipe in Your Garden

A burst water pipe in your garden may not be as easy to notice as one in your home. Is there water flowing from the ground? Is there an area that is suddenly very damp? Depending on the landscaping and natural path of run-off, flowing water under pressure can form a sinkhole.

Is there water flowing from your lawn or on your driveway?

Clean Drains will inspect and assess the burst pipe and find the cause of the problem. If there is too much weight or soil movement pipes can burst.

  • Extreme flooding, earthquakes, and natural disturbances
  • Excavation, earthworks, or heavy machinery weight

What Should I Do?

The first thing that you need to do is switch off your main water supply. Be sure to also switch off any appliances that are plumbed in. (Dishwasher, washing machine.)

  • The main water supply tap is located on your property or verge. It is near the water meter.
  • You will see that the dials are probably spinning – showing water moving through the system.
  • If you can not close the tap get help immediately. You need to shut off the supply of water as quickly as you can.
  • Call Clean Drains.

We will come out and assess the problem. We will find out what has caused the pipe to burst and remedy the problem.

There are several reasons that pipes can burst. Excessive pressure can be caused by incorrect pipe sizes or fittings. Blocked or clogged pipes can also create pressure in the system.

Age of Pipes

How old is your home?

  • Pipes have a lifespan of 20 to 30 years, depending on the material that they are made from.
  • Aged pipes may have lost their structural integrity.
  • Over time, plastic pipes can become brittle and weak.
  • Metal pipes also develop problems.
  • They can rust, corrode, and develop a buildup of materials.

Over time, this can affect the pressure of water in the pipes. Pipes can be flushed to remove debris and buildup. This can help to improve the lifespan of your pipes and help regulate water pressure.

Incorrect Pipework

During the installation of your pipes, poor workmanship can have a serious consequence, down the line. The incorrect layering of pipes and poor re-enforcement of joints can cause pipes to burst. There are strict codes that regulate the placement, angle, lengths of pipes, and the number of fittings that can be connected to specific pipes.

This is to control the pressure in the system. If the pipework is incorrect it can cause pipes to burst.

Expert Assessment

Water supply pipes and taps are designed to withstand a large amount of pressure, but many factors can cause a water pipe or tap, to burst. Several factors can increase pressure in a system. If there is too much pressure at a weak point in your pipes or a join – there can be a burst.

Water Pressure

The water inside all your pipes is under pressure. This is necessary and by design. Water would not flow out of your taps if the system was not pressurized. There are valves in place that control the amount of pressure, or flow of water.

Generally, you may have noticed that the flow rate of hot water is less than cold water. This is by design and regulated by valves.

Your pipes, taps, and plumbed-in appliances are designed to operate with water pressure.

Sky High Water Bill

A burst pipe can flow at a rate of 1500 liters an hour. Most insurance companies advise property owners to get water insurance. A burst water pipe will send the bill through the roof. The flow of water is determined by the size of the pipe, and pressure.

If you receive a very high water bill then you may have a burst pipe on your property.

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From booking online to the completion of the job was seamless. Ben arrived super quick and was the utmost professional and really new his stuff. He took the time to explain what the problem was and what he was going to do.

Tim Bo

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Very happy customer! I can't thank Ben, Fouad & Bradley enough for fixing an electrical fault (and dodgy wiring from times gone by) to make my home safer (as well as installing some additional points, tidying up some others and installing new interconnected smoke alarms).

Nicole M

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Always use this Service as they are always reliable, give a full explanation of work needed, and do a great job. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Ben who did the work.

Margaret Norton

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Great experience, they actually turned up when they said they would. The guy took the time to look for leaks other than the obvious one, and found them. Saving us a return visit. Pricing is fair. Would definitely recommend.

Edward Jenkins

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