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Blocked drains in the home are common problems that require expertise to handle, correctly. Clean Drains experts are standing by to help you with all your home plumbing maintenance needs. We have offices throughout Australia and will come and inspect and clean your drains.

Clean Drains will clear drain blockages and make sure that your pipes are clear, too. Clogged and blocked drains can occur from a build of materials in the drain, or blockages further along in the stormwater or waste system.

Professional Assessment and Inspection of Drains, Pipes and Vents

We use a camera and CCTV inspection to check exactly what the problem is. Do you have tree roots in a drain or pipe? There may be a build-up of materials in the pipes that are affecting drainage.

Vents are designed to regulate air pressure in the pipes and to bring in a fresh supply of air. A vent stack is placed at a high point on a roof and allows for sewer gases to be dispersed, and not enter a home. ( It is an open pipe with a cover)

Blocked vent pipes can also affect the pressure in the system and drainage. All fixtures are connected to plumbing vent pipes. Clean Drain will assess all areas to get to the root of the problem.

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Clean Drains

Our team of experts is on standby to help you with all your home plumbing maintenance needs. Keeping your gutters and drains clear can help prevent future problems. We can help you with any maintenance service, too.

From blocked downpipes to stormwater drains, Clean Drain will help clear and maintain all your drains. With professional expertise and state of the art equipment, we offer our skills and expertise to homes and businesses across Australia.

Call Clean Drains today to unblock all your drains or downpipes, inspect your pipes or retrieve an item from your drain.

Contact us today for any query or concern you may have about your home’s plumbing.

Overflowing Drains in Your Yard

Your gutters and downpipes are designed to funnel away from a large volume of rainwater. If they are not properly maintained and cleaned a large amount of debris can go down your drain. Leaves, sand, insects and small sticks can create a blockage in the drain or pipes. This will restrict or stop the flow of water.

This can be a serious problem. With more rain and water flowing into a blocked system, your property can flood.

Blocked Downpipes

Gutters, drains and downpipes can all become blocked or have clogs. Materials like leaves, insects, small sticks, seeds, dirt and debris can form a plug inside a downpipe. If you look at the bottom of the downpipe you might notice that the flow of water is slow, or there might be a lot of splashes.

Leaking or clogged downpipes can also develop mould, lichen growth and depending on the materials start to corrode. Weak joints or leaks can also be a problem. Clean Drains will inspect and assess the efficiency of your downpipes.


Grease, soap, chemicals, and kitchen debris can accumulate in the drain and create a clog. Is the water draining efficiently from your sink? Is there a strange smell in your drain? These are signs that there could be a clog or build-up in the drain. Clean Drains will inspect and clean your drain and pipes, ensure there are no future problems.


Similarly, your bathtub and shower drain can become clogged. Soap, hair, chemicals and dirt can form a plug in the drain. Is your shower draining efficiently?

  • Do you have water rising to your feet while showering?
  • Does it take a long time to empty?
  • Is there a bad odour?
  • Is your drain gurgling?

Clogs and a build-up of materials can affect the efficiency of your shower drain. Clean Drains can inspect and clear blocked shower drains and pipes. Overflowing drains in a bathroom are very unhygienic. Leaking water can also damage your flooring.

Blocked Basin

You let the plug out but nothing happens, or it takes ages to drain. This is not good at all. A blocked basin has a clog or blockage that needs to be cleared., toothpaste, hair and chemicals can build up in the drain and the P-trap. This is designed to make a water seal and keep sewer gas from coming into your home.

If the system is clogged it will not be working correctly. The P-trap can be dry. Does your basin or bathroom have a bad smell? Does your basin take a long time to drain?

Not only frustrating but a sign that you have a blocked drain. Clean Drains can inspect and assess the problem.

Gurgling Drains, Pipes and Toilets

Hearing gurgling noses in a drain, pipe or toilet is a sign that there is a blockage. Water is not flowing correctly down the pipes. Instead, as it moves, the air is escaping backwards and up through the water. The gurgling sound is the sound of trapped air moving back through the drain or pipes.

You should not hear gurgling noises in your drain or fixtures. Clean Drain will come and inspect your drains and pipes to see what the problem is.

Blocked Toilets

The wastewater and sewer pipes are designed to remove waste, but they can be blocked or clog through improper use. There can also be a build-up of waste material in a drain or further along in the main sewer line. Flushing improper organic or inorganic material down a toilet can also create blockages. (Nappies, newspaper etc.)

Blocked Laundry

If you are using a lot of cleaning detergents, softeners and chemicals this can lead to a build-up of soap, grease and debris in the drain. Is your washing machine leaking or water unable to drain? This may be due to a blockage in the drain.

Switch off your machine and call Clean Drains. We will inspect your machine and drain to check for a build-up of debris. We will clear any clogs and flush your pipes. This can help prevent future clogs.

There may be a blockage further in the mainline that is preventing water from draining efficiently.

Blocked Stormwater

Stormwater drains can pick up a lot of material from a garden and surroundings. Foliage, mulch, pebbles, sand and debris can build up over time. Incorrect connection to sewer lines can also create problems in the stormwater drains.

This can create a clog or plug in the system and build up. If there is heavy rain or a blockage it can create a huge problem for you and even your neighbours. The drains can overflow and create a terrible mess.

  • It is recommended that stormwater drains are checked annually.
  • Keep gutters clean and clear
  • Check drain grids and covers
  • Have the pipes inspected
  • Prevention is better than cure

Leaking Drains and Damaged Pipes

The plumbing system is designed to work as a sealed unit. The efficient supply of water and removal of water and waste depends on the integrity of the pipes. If there are broken pipes or joins you may have both a blocked drain as well as a leak. Water could be leaking where you can see it, or further below the surface.

Clean Drains can inspect your drains and pipes and check for leaks and damage. Damaged and broken pipes can create a blockage in the system. Advancements made in technology in recent years mean that we can replace damaged pipes without having to dig up existing piping. Pipes can be relined.

This is an amazing new technology that allows plumbers to create an entirely new, sealed unit, within your existing pipes.

Niche Service - Relining Pipes

Not all plumbers offer this service. Special training and equipment are used to insert a special epoxy coated lining into your pipes. It cures and hardens and in effect is the same as having a new pipe. It is very strong, durable and has a long lifespan. This technology is revolutionary in the plumbing industry.

Relining pipes is a cost-effective and efficient way to replace damaged pipes. In effect, you have new pipes inside the old ones. It is less labour intensive and only takes a day or so, to complete.

There is no need to dig up your yard or chisel out old pipes from a wall. Clean Drains will inspect and assess the pipes to check that they are suitable for relining.

Retrieving Items from a Drain

If you accidentally drop earrings or a necklace down the drain in a sink, toilet or shower - immediately turn off the water. The item may be in the P Trap. This is a part of the plumbing design of pipes and is curved, to keep a small amount of water in the pipe. It acts as a natural seal and prevents sewer gas from coming into your home.

Clean Drains will come and dismantle the P Trap (S -Trap) and help you retrieve your items.

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Our Core Values

From the humble beginnings of Clear Drains, we have succeeded in following both our mission statement and core values leading to the company we know today. We aim to be a company you can rely on to be there when you need it most.


Every customer and employee feels secure with Clean Drains.

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Continually upgrading our plumbers with the latest updated technology.

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Precise coordination to ensure every customer receives same day service.

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Obtain success for both the customer and Clean Drains.

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From booking online to the completion of the job was seamless. Ben arrived super quick and was the utmost professional and really new his stuff. He took the time to explain what the problem was and what he was going to do.

Tim Bo

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Very happy customer! I can't thank Ben, Fouad & Bradley enough for fixing an electrical fault (and dodgy wiring from times gone by) to make my home safer (as well as installing some additional points, tidying up some others and installing new interconnected smoke alarms).

Nicole M

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Always use this Service as they are always reliable, give a full explanation of work needed, and do a great job. Highly recommended. Many thanks to Ben who did the work.

Margaret Norton

Photo of Edward Jenkins

Great experience, they actually turned up when they said they would. The guy took the time to look for leaks other than the obvious one, and found them. Saving us a return visit. Pricing is fair. Would definitely recommend.

Edward Jenkins

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